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We’re Red Panda Studios, an indie digital media group focusing on games, music, and more. On this site you can check out our games and other digital content, as well as information about the members of our crew and blog posts.
In Development
Disuko Dating Simulator
Join Disuko for a visual novel adventure filled with music, humor, and romance! Coming soon.
Groove Machines
Groove Machines is a card game with a twist- any card you play is powered by music! Expand your collection and battle others online with 100+ unique Machines to master your skills in rhythm and strategy.
Bamboo Engine
Our internal 2D game engine, currently being developed during live streams on the Disuko YouTube channel.
Game Jam Projects
Made during SHOWTIME Event
microcosm is a Lovecraft-inspired pet simulation game. Feed, nurture, and make sacrifices to your own being of horror (and also cuteness)!
Made for Newgrounds Egg Jam
Egg Ranger is a top down bullet hell game. Zip through other worlds in a futuristic aircraft in search of exotic eggs! Prove your worth by shooting and weaving through waves of enemies. This omlette better be damn worth it.
Made for Ludum Dare 54
Tess's cool frog finding game is a game where you move around the window to find frogs with Tess. The frogs are cool.