We’re Red Panda Studios, an indie digital media group focusing on games, music, and more. On this site you can check out our games and other digital content, as well as information about the members of our crew and blog posts.
Disuko Dating Simulator
Get the once in a life chance to date an alien space panda! Engage in thrilling dates and enjoy your day to day life in faraway galaxies. Your decisions affect the course of time around you! Will you get the date you've been longing for or be just another reject? Wait a second... does that panda have a gun?
Groove Machines
Groove Machines is a card game with a twist- any card you play is powered by music! Expand your collection and battle others online with 100+ unique Machines to master your skills in rhythm and strategy.
Annihilation Party
Thrust into the far reaches of the solar system with nothing but a logbook and a charming personality, you find yourself at the head of a haphazard investigation into an infestation of aberrations -- plagues that hide within a repressed mind. You have four suspects to investigate, two aberrations to uncover, and one month until annihilation.
Bamboo Engine
Our internal 2D game engine, currently being developed during live streams on the Disuko YouTube channel.
Shadow Wizard Money Game